I spend a good deal of my free time trying to learn something by reading or listening to podcasts. One of my favorite authors is Brene Brown. She says,

“Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience, and to transform despair into hope.”

Maybe you’ve been wondering at whether or not your contributions are useful or worthy. Maybe you think that your art is too frivolous to be meaningful when there is so much suffering. I certainly do. Maybe you’re afraid to use the word art to describe your work at all. Sometimes I am.

I can’t promise anything earth-shaking over here among the knitted sweaters, nature photos and wide-legged, handmade pants. And I can’t supply you with a moral to this world’s painful story. Some sorrows will not be made beautiful. Some despair will not be transformed. But if we can ease just a little of the burden of our loneliness together; if we can keep working at seeing one another on these imperfect digital platforms, I am here for it.

I hope that I will be remembered as someone who made useful things and as someone who was persistent in her commitment to social justice.

Will you join me?

Linked below are organizations that some of the proceeds from your pattern purchases have gone towards in the past. The photos below are used with permission.

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